REDOX® AOPs – Waste Water & Water Treatment Plant
Logo Sertifikasi IPAL RHMREDOX is Liquid Waste Processing Installation using Advanced Oxydation Processes (AOPs) system.

REDOX is easy to control and operate.

REDOX produces active ion species in the form of hydroxyl REDOX (OH), easy to react with organic and anorganic substance in liquid waste.

REDOX is capable of eliminating complex pollutant substance and is designed according to characteristic and capacity of the to-be processed liquid waste.

REDOX requires small space and consumes less chemicals and energy/electricity. It also allows reuse of liquid waste for different purposes, both industrial and domestic.

REDOX is also ideally suited to resolve problems associated with conventional waste processing installation (biological or chemical treatment).

REDOX is designed as a compact system and it is also available as movable installation (Mobile Type).

• Compact and Compatible
• Available in Mobile Unit
• Small Area Installation
• Low Chemical Use
• High Removal Efficiency
• Low Sludge Producing
• Reducing Color and Odor
• Low Operation and Maintenance Cost

• Industrial
• Petroleum
• Hospital
• Chemical
• Textile
• Domestic
• Municipal

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