We have five Core Values, which are the basis of our attitude, performance, and ethics instilled in every professional of Rekayasa Hijau Mandiri.

These Core Values are important elements of Rekayasa Hijau Mandiri’s Corporate Culture, separating it from competitors.

Passion for Knowledge
Every RHM-ers are always passionate for knowledge, both theoretical and practical.

Always aware that complacency brings only stagnation, RHM-ers are open-minded and continue to update and develop their knowledge and skills.

Passion for Innovation
Every RHM-ers is highly adaptive to fast trend in technology and service, happening both domestic and global. Innovation is our weapon in an ever-increasing competition and a proof of our excellence.

We believe that making a difference, however small, can elevate us in the business competition.

Passion for Quality
Quality of product and services are our utmost priority and our culture. Preceding that, every RHM-ers have to be high quality individuals in terms of capability, attitude, and morality.

Passion for Service
Every RHM-ers believes in and adheres to sincere service for both the costumers and fellow RHM-ers.

Passion for Client
Every RHM-ers has a high regard and high respect to both external and internal stakeholders. Every RHM-ers is well aware that customers determine the existence of RHM and RHM-ers. We view suppliers as partners in finding solution.

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